INTERNATIONAL/ERASMUS+/Évaluation de notre programme par la Commission européenne

Évaluation de notre programme par la Commission européenne

This secondary school offers 7 BTS (vocational higher education programmes) and one bachelor level programme.

It has built at secondary education level many partnerships in EU countries and Canada and runs a programme for student incomming study mobility with Norway. It is firmly settled in an already operational internationalisation process.

The applications ticks all the mobility boxes in B2 but priority is given to outgoing traineeship mobility for BTS, especially one for which traineeship abroad is compulsory. It contemplates extending its strategy to student incoming and staff mobility.

Mobility is expected to improve students' language and professional skills.

The 4 priorities of the renewed Agenda for the Modernisation of Europe's Higher education system are clearly described and understood.

The applying institution promotes excellence in skills development, builds inclusive and connected international policies eand partnerships, ensures that it contributes to innovation and actively supports effective and efficient higher education.